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Speech and Motor Neuroscience Group


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The Speech and Motor Neuroscience Group is looking for participants to take part in experiments involving:

            Moving in virtual reality

            Interacting with robot interfaces

            Speaking to computers and robots

            And several other motor tasks.


All participants must:

            Have an email address

            Have very good command of English


The experiments are completely non-invasive and have been approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Plymouth.

Most experiments last between 45 minutes and 3 hours. See online system for individual study details.
You will be paid around 8 per hour for taking part.


For motor control experiments you must:

            Be right-handed

            Have normal vision or wear glasses that make your vision normal

            Have no neurological or other problems that affect your control of movement


For speech experiments:

            Please see the criteria specified on the recruitment system


Register with the recruitment system and sign up here

This takes place only by web-based automated system.


You first need to register by clicking on the link below:

Register with online recruitment system


To schedule yourself for experimental sessions, click on the link below:

Book experimental sessions


Directions to the Lab

All experiments take place B102 in the Speech and Motor Neuroscience Group, Portland Square. See map below:

Map location of B102

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